YES. In order for us to better serve and give tangible interest, we cap the minimum contribution to be #10,000.
No. Either monthly or complete, it’s still heading to customer’s wallet. Customer can decide if to withdraw from wallet or leave it and recycle. All interests drops monthly to members wallet.
YES. This will be held every year in the month of December. Members within the state for meeting will be notified.
we provided mobile app variant of both IOS & Android. Download the app and register. An OTP is sent to your mobile number for account verification.
Once done, you'll be logged in and you're now a member.
There are four (2) contribution cycles in a year, each with 6 months interval.
  • Contribution window runs for 1st Month.
  • Interest begins to drop from 2nd Month - 6th Month.
  • Last interest & Total amount contributed drops 6th Month.
At the end of each cycle, your interest and total contributions are settled in your wallet. You can either transfer to your bank or contribute it back to start the next cycle.
We do it state by state, If you are residence of a state we are to cover, you'll receive both SMS & mail notifications with venue, date & time.
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